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Tara Foster understands that agriculture plays a vital role in 
the state of Nebraska. As a 4th grade teacher at Lake Maloney School in North Platte, Nebraska, she uses resources available through Agriculture in the Classroom to help teach
her students about agriculture. In particular, the Nebraska Agriculture Map and Lesson Plans help her students
understand what crops are grown in Nebraska, what livestock
is raised in Nebraska and how those crops and livestock give them food and shelter.

Agriculture is also emphasized through "Agriculture Awareness Day" where the students take a field trip to the local fairgrounds. Some of the various stations they visit throughout the day include learning about harvesting crops, milking a cow, equipment used on a farm or ranch and many more.



Students in Eliene Loetscher's 1st grade classroom at Winside Public Schools in Winside, Nebraska, learn about agriculture from day one. The first unit Eliene teaches is an apple unit. She asks her students to bring an apple to class their first day, where they learn the different parts of the
apple and turn all of their apples into applesauce. Many of Eliene's students live on a farm or have grandparents that
do so they brought their apples from home or their grandparents' home.

Eliene also takes her class on a field trip to an apple orchard. This allows the students to see and visit with a family that depends on apples for their income. They learn how frost and temperature changes can affect the apple crop. They also learn the healthy benefits of eating apples.

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