Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom  
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Nancy MillerIn order to reinforce agricultural values in her community, Nancy Miller from Potter-Dix Public School in Potter, Nebraska, utilizes a variety of educational resources to enhance her students' understanding of scientific concepts and their connection to agriculture. To further their understanding of science and agriculture, Science and Our Food Supply, a curricular resource that contains five modules, was introduced to the students. Every module connected the importance of food science and agriculture. During this unit, students completed an activity called "The Twelve Most Unwanted Bacteria." They researched one bacterium, then made a poster to share their findings and presented this information to the class.

To build on this lesson, they completed a lab called "bacteria everywhere," in which the students swabbed different areas of the school and transferred the swab samples to chocolate agar plates (growth medium for bacteria). To fight the bacteria, the 7th graders discussed the importance of hand washing to maintain one's general health and why it is necessary in food preparation. Each group designed an experiment to test for the best method of hand washing to destroy bacteria on the hands.


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