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2009 Children's Agriculture Books of the Year


Plant Secrets
Plant Secrets, by Emily Goodman, follows the life cycle 
of plants as they grow from seed, to plant, to flower,
to fruit and back to seed. Simple text and colorful
illustrations introduce children to plant growth, making
it a great introduction for a budding gardener or botanist.


George Washington Carver: Scientist, Inventor
and Teacher
George Washington Carver: Scientist, Inventor and Teacher
by Michael Burgan, is a biography of George Washington
Carver. Born into slavery in 1864, Carver was determined
to educate himself despite the lack of opportunities for
African-Americans. He was a talented painter, but he
eventually decided to dedicate his life to the study of plants. Carver rose to prominence at the Tuskegee Institute, where
he was a popular teacher and esteemed researcher. He is
|best known for his work with peanuts, inventing more than
300 products from the humble "goober." 



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